Common Conditions

  • 肩頸或下背疼痛 neck/lower back pain

  • 足底筋膜炎 heel pain/plantar fasciitis
  • 退化性關節炎 joint pain/osteoarthritis
  • 各種運動傷害 sports Injuries
  • 手術後復健 post-surgical management
  • 肩關節障礙、五十肩 shoulder joint dysfunction
  • 媽媽手、腕隧道症候群 thumb pain/carpel tunnel syndrome
  • 坐骨神經痛、肢體酸麻無力 sciatica/extremity numbness
  • 中風復健 post stroke rehabilitation
  • 拇趾外翻 bunion
  • 脊椎側彎 scoliosis

Chronic Pain Management


加拿大McGill 大學、加拿大疼痛控制學會認證的疼痛專家用最具實證醫學概念的治療方式,加上完整的疼痛控制團隊,藉由各項醫療專業的相互轉介和團隊合作與您一起打擊疼痛!!

We understand your frustration from consistent pain and we are here to help!!  Effective chronic pain management offered by certified pain therapist from McGill University and Canadian Academy of Pain Management will guide  you gradually decrease the impact of pain in your life. The muiti-disciplinary approach from the pain physician, physical therapist, and psychologist can efficiently improve your pain experience. 

Health Promotion Programs









Senior Fitness Program

Fit and Strong! Combine flexibility, strength training, aerobic walking, and balance training with health education for sustained behavior change among older adults with lower extremity osteoarthritis or degenerative diseases. The Senior Fitness Program at Platinum Physical Therapy works with physical therapists to deliver an 12-week program that improves lower extremity stiffness, pain, and strength, aerobic capacity, participation in exercise and caloric expenditure, and self-efficacy for exercise.


Insomnia Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Insomnia is a very common and disturbing problem. It estimated that about 15% of the population is currently suffering from insomnia and that as much as 80% of the overall population has suffered from poor sleep quality in their life. The Platinum Physical Therapy offers a 12-week comprehensive program to help you adjust a better life style and gradually improve the quality of sleep


AlterG Anti-gravity Treadmill Training

Recovering from surgery/injury? The AlterG anti-gravity treadmill offers you a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation. We offer timed unsupervised training session or 0ne-to-0ne supervised gait and balance training.

Ongoing Support














Therapeutic Massage

You may think that only traditional Chinese massage therapists give massages, but physical therapists do them too, or even in a more professional and effective way. Therapeutic massage from Platinum Physical Therapy specifically targets muscle tension caused by strains or sprains or from something more serious. Our physical therapist utilize anatomy and physiology knowledge to release tension in your muscles and other soft tissues without having uncomfortable rebound after treatments. 


Boutique Exercise Concierge

We know that trying to be fit is important and join the membership at WorldGym, Fitness Factory, and UFC gym is the trend. But let us help you curate a balanced approach to your exercise class choices, frequency and intensity so that you get the amazing physical (and emotional) impact from them, but remain injury free, strong and in balance.


Workplace Ergonomic Assessment

The Platinum Physical Therapy offers the option for an in office assessment of your workstation. Posture and body mechanics are essential, but can be complemented with the proper workstation. Assessments will include recommendations to improve everything from the positioning of your equipment to exercises that will improve postural stability and endurance


Expert Referral Recommendation

We work closely with only the very best surgeons, specialists physicians as well as psychologists, pilates instructors and nutritionist. Let us put you in the right direction so you continue the amazing service standard and care that you have become accustomed to at Platinum Physical Therapy.